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  Children of War to Children of Peace: “I wish no child would ever experience what we had experienced!”

Former belligerent party members and underage soldiers of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Army of Republika Srpska and the Croat Defence Council they now jointly speak to the youth about the harmful consequences of their wartime engagement. Through the project titled Children of War to Child

Bosnia’s Child Soldiers Abandoned by the State

Bosnia’s Child Soldiers Abandoned by the State by BALKAN TRANSITIONAL JUSTICE (Nidzara Ahmetasevic)

Bosnia's Forgotten Child Soldiers

Exploited in war, ignored in peace, former combatants who served as minors in three warring armies want recognition more than anything else.


Based on the idea to ​organize the members of veteran population who, as juveniles, voluntarily joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the Inaugural Meeting held on November 8, 2011 a decision was made to form the War Veterans Association – Juvenile Volunteers of the War of Independence and Liberation 1992- 1995, Canton Sarajevo, in order to affirm this specific population of veterans.

Due to its specificity, this population is one of the biggest victims of the war and its members are daily confronted with numerous social, economic and health problems that are consequences of both the war and post-war negligence of the authorities and relevant institutions.

The best example of such negligence is the fact that no legal or regulatory act that treats veterans mentions terms "juvenile volunteer" or juvenile members of Armed Forces of RBiH.

The above mentioned fact is the main reason for founding of our Association; to try to systematically solve the mentioned problems with the help of friends and partners of the Association.

Association members are demobilized veterans of the BiH Army and the Ministry of Interior of RBiH who were under 18 when voluntarily joined the ranks of the armed forces of RBiH as well as the families of  killed and dead juvenile volunteers who currently have a place of residence in Sarajevo Canton.

Membership can be gained as follows:

  1. complete a web membership form
  2. submit a certificate of the time spent in the Armed Forces of RBiH (issued by relevant municipal authority)
  3. submit a photo
  4. pay a membership card fee (10 KM) - if the person has income/earnings
(a person who does not have income/earnings is obliged to present a certificate issued by the unemployment bureau within last 30 days)



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